Consultancy and Projectmanagement

Support PSTAMP Products

Support for various products from PSTAMP, including CheckStamp, can only be provided on an incidental basis where PEPR has installed the system. For all other engagements please contact PSTAMP/Wonderware Benelux for support.

PSTAMP and CheckStamp are trademarks owned by PSTAMP BV. 

Microvision Scanners and systems

Systems from Microvision that are still within warranty and sold by PEPR will receive normal warranty and support. Systems sold through Microvision or other partners are not supported by PEPR anymore.

Systems from

All systems from, sold through PEPR and within warranty terms are serviced normally. PEPR is not responsible for supporting customers who are buying their systems directly or through other sites. Existing customers can use our contact page. Please include your invoice number and device/license numbers where applicable.

Support and maintenance of fire and rescue: computer-aided dispatch systems

PEPR will continue providing support for those systems in use and under service contracts. Systems outside maintenance and support need replacement and contract renewal. Please contact us to discuss the options. For urgent support please use the appropriate channels.